• Jill K. Sayre

Power of Believing

Just like the main character Claire in my book, "The Fairies of Turtle Creek", I look to science to explain what I see around me. However, I also believe that there is a certain amount of magic in the world. I see it every day when I take a walk, especially now that it's spring. The once baren trees have bright green leaves, the quince plants are heavily sprinkled with coral-colored petals, and the blades of grass in front yards are no longer brown and need mowing.

So yes, I would definitely describe myself as spiritual. If a white feather is in my path, I think about angels being near. Heart-shaped rocks begin the echoes of "Nana loves you" in my head, the mantra my late monther-in-law wanted her grandchildren to always remember. And butterflies symbolize hope to me when I am down and need to feel like fate is listening to what is in my heart. These are beliefs that enrich my life.

Recently, I visited Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I took my laptop to a quaint coffee place called Heritage House Coffee & Tea ( to write for a few hours. Their luscious, freshly baked pastries and muffins were nearly outshone by the wonderful gifts, bags of candies, and savory herb mixes displayed for sale all around. A busy place, I blended in with the others typing away at their computers. It was just where I wanted to be on that cold and cloudy day.

It wasn't until I was about to leave that I noticed a wall with tags hanging all over it; a jar of pens and two others, full of more tags, were lined up on a shelf. This is a prayer wall. I had never seen one before. I grew up in southern California which has a much more private take on religi


I appreciate the positive words of faith posted in frames all around this American version, the "prayer wall". But the best part of all was the one jar where people had put the tags with their answered prayers inside. They had actually came back, found their prayer, and added it to that special jar. And there were so many of them!


I couldn't help feel a great power in that moment. The great power of believing.


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