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Fairy Houses Found

I have been an educator for more than ten years. I just love working with children. Their imaginations are vivid and they love to learn. I have been substituting lately and many of the teachers have introduced me as "the teacher and author", sharing my book with them. So, of course, they ask me all about fairies. . . Do I believe in them? Why did I choose fairies as my subject matter? Have I ever seen a real fairy? They ask these questions with a more skeptical tone than most of the adults I encounter, often with their arms folded firmly across their chest.

I tell them that yes, I believe in the magic of nature. I believe that we all have angels that look after us, so why wouldn't the earth have fairies to look after it? And I show them the photo I accidentally took (see blog post: 12/03/14) beneath a toadstool. A few of them come around while others love to quiz me every chance they get.

I was thrilled, however, when I substituted one day and stuck my head in the art room. My undergraduate degree is in art and I can't resist going into that place of wet paint, glue smells, and scraps of construction paper scattered on the floor. Creative confetti! And there, in the middle of the room, was a giant, seven-foot-tall styrofoam mountain covered in little fairy houses. Each abode made out of found objects. The photos I share here are of individual wee folk homes, with rope ladders and marble garden reflection balls, tiny furniture and miniature doors.


Fairy houses made and found! What can


Send a picture to: I look forward to seeing your masterpieces!


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