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Authors Get Inspired By Your Emails

I am currently working on a new book--one that is a bit different from the discovery of fairies. While I delve into a different place in my mind, where a small east coast town is secretly being observed by gargoyles, I forget about the magic of the fairies. But then, a student will be seen carrying my book and I remember the joy I have in having a book published for others to enjoy.

However, the very best reminder I get are the emails and/or letters I receive from my readers. Just knowing that my words touched them in any small way re-inspires me to keep working on my current manuscript. The surge of energy I get for one reader's comments plunge me forward in my work for weeks.

A happy reader who made my day!

So I encourage you to reach out. Email your favorite author. Read a good book lately? The author would love to know! With social media making people so accessible, it's a wonderful way to light up someone's day. And who knows... you just may get a reply back!

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