• Jill K. Sayre

Fairies in the Time of COVID

Wow! The world really needs some magical pixie dust sprinkled on everyone right now. From the hours in a seat, looking at a computer to the negative news in the papers and on televisions, well, it's time to read more books... and to write, create, and have time to think original thoughts.

During my hours at my computer, teaching 6th grade English to 62 twelve-year-olds, I soothed myself with a tall, hot cup of tea. Ever drink Yogi Tea? I highly recommend it. The variety of herbs and spices always makes me feel like I'm experiencing something special. And each teabag comes with a message. It is typed on the tag. I feel as if it's telling me something I need to consider for that day.

One recent message said: "Our creative consciousness is not limited." For me, it was a great reminder. In a time when we do feel limited to our home, our neighborhood, what is on the computer, and what others tell you to think, it's important to walk away from all of that and find time to think creatively. The place you go to do so is very important as well. I highly recommend going outside and sitting beneath a beautiful tree or near a garden of flowers. You can write or sketch... or nothing at all. Just let the fresh air and the time away from your usual places free your mind again.

So, whether you are a believer in fairies or not, the magic of nature is always there to help you cleanse yourself of technology, negativity, and "in the box" thinking. Believers will tell you that those little creatures exist to entice humans to the hollyhocks, hydrangeas, and nasturtiums, and once you are there they have the ability to wash away what is stale and confining. And should you bring a cup of tea with you, always bring a small dish to pour some in as an offering for the wee ones-- it is believed that you will be blessed with even more if you give them an offering.

More about science than fairies? See if you can go somewhere that also have moving water. Ever wonder why your best ideas come when you are in the shower? Negative ions. These are the particles that float through the air with an electrical charge. You can receive them from being at the beach, by a river, enjoying UV rays, or in the air during a thunder/lightning storm. Studies have show that they can help with stress, depression, and increase cognitive performance.

The bottomline is to use that endless resource of creativity by getting away from it all... in you own backyard-- and with the help of fairies, negative ions, and a little sunshine, we all will feel a lot better.

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