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I am a credentialed teacher, specializing in reading, writing, and gifted & talented students. The following are titles of my past speaking engagements:


How to Get Your Children to Become Better Readers & Writers

Did you know that great readers are also great writers? Good reading skills are an important part of learning any subject and becoming a competent writer. I talk about the three parts of what I call ARR, "Authentic Reading Reinforcement"= modeling, practicing, and hands-on experiences. And just like the basic structure of a good story, children become better readers through finding their own personal 'time, setting, and tone'. With books ready to download at the push of the button these days, I discuss how to make sure your child is reading age-appropriate material, with suggestions of 'must-reads' for children (and adults) of all ages. Want to be a great reader? Think like a writer. Want to be a great writer? Have the reader in mind.


Want to Write & Publish a Book? Let's Lower the Learning Curve

Publishing has changed a lot over the past five years! How can anyone keep up? I have been a part of these changes since they began and will help you navigate your way, while avoiding the some of the hills and dales, as you head toward being a published author. Should I publish my book traditionally or self-publish? What are the differences between traditional publishing and doing it all myself? How does social media play a role? What does the future look like? I answer all of these questions and more. A published book is possible for anyone at any age~ let me help you make it something you are proud to share with the world!

Journaling and Mixed Media Art

Whether you're a writer or not, and whether you feel you are 'good' at art or not, all humans have an innate creativity. Being creative feeds the soul like nothing else. If you are interested in exploring your thoughts and ideas in a fun and artsy way, try Art Journaling. This is a great tool for writers since it pulls your ideas into one place where you can literally see your story's inspirations. Details come alive and make your descriptions clearer and more attainable for your reader. Just want to 'play' with color, mixed media, ideas, etc.? Art Journaling is an amazing way to discover yourself and the world around you. 


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 Writer of Magical Realism for Middle Grade and Young Adult Readers

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