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 REAL  Fairy!

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A Photo of a Real Fairy? 
I Think So...

I was walking through the woods of Northern California, near Sonoma, in a magically green and moist area. A narrow dirt path twisted along the edge of a steep hill that led down to a gorge. Trickling springs with butterflies hovering above created an ethereal atmosphere. Tall trees lined with lichen and fluffy moss reach high above on either side. Every so often, I'd have to climb over the trunk of a fallen, wooden giant. Colorful salamanders, frogs, wildflowers, and toadstools decorated those fallen trees. 

I was sure that if there was ever a place where fairies lived, it would be in that verdant place. Tree nooks and boulder crevices lined with ferns were perfect living spaces for the fay. So, I reached the lens of my phone beneath a giant mushroom, snapped a picture, and walked on. It wasn't until I got home that I discovered I had taken a photo of a REAL fairy hanging out underneath!

I'd love to know what you think.

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                                                                ~Jill K. Sayre

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