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 My Book: The Fairies of Turtle Creek

"It will make even the most skeptical among us believe in the seemingly impossible."
"Enchanting, magical, and a delight to read."
"The Fairies of Turtle Creek is a well-written, magical tale!"

-- Amazon Reviews
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Claire Collins is a rational eighth grader who believes science can prove the existence of everything. But her scientific world is flipped upside down when her estranged grandmother comes to live with her and begins sharing family history, with twists of the supernatural and whimsical.

At first, Claire is skeptical about her seemingly senile grandmother’s tales of mystical happenings down by the creek, the place Claire loves most to hang out and draw. But when she does some research and strange, inexplicable things begin to happen, Claire is forced to face some truths she never thought possible.


Do fairies actually exist?

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"...I am recommending this book to people of all ages. Though some of us may not be children anymore, this book has a theme that we can all relate to, it is a triumphant reminder of a magical time of life that doesn't ever have to end."

    ~Amber Sparks, Reading With Your Eyes Shut

The two main themes of fear of loss and what to believe are engaging, and the plot is quite well thought out. The scenes about a pre-adolescent living through this period of war are particularly compelling, and the realism next to the fantasy is effective."                                                                              

                                                                                                   ~IndieReader Review

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