New Book on the Horizon...

Ever look up at those carved beasts that guard their building and watch people pass? What if they came to life as an amalgamation of the creatures they were carved to be? And if one fell madly for with a particular human, the ability to move freely would be a dream come true-- but he is a monster. How would she ever come to love someone so GROTESQUE?

Gargoyle Statue

Author Jill K. Sayre's new book, Grotesque, is a modern story inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac and Beauty and the Beast. Ryon is a grotesque affixed to a building, along with six gargoyle comrades comprised of dragon, human, and animal parts, who can think and communicate through a mental thread. Ryon falls in love with Madeleine, a human, but is doomed to pine eternally… but when his building is renovated, the gargoyles become real. They hide in the shadows, following their ruthless leader, Geidhuce, who plans to commandeer the town and threatens Madeleine and all humans' safety. However, Ryon wants to be near the love of his life, so he tricks her suitor into romance by proxy. Ryon lives vicariously but heartsick— after all, who could love a beast? 

 Writer of Magical Realism for Middle Grade and Young Adult Readers

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